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Underground Service Locating 

Practising safe digging and excavation starts with contacting your certified locating specialist, LP Pipe and Civil. When you work on any size project it is imperative that you identify the location of its underground system.

Our highly expert team at LP Pipe and Civil utilise our cable locating equipment, thoroughly checking the area to locate underground infrastructure before the dig starts.

Our service locating equipment RD7100DL T1 Kit is an industry specific range of underground cable locating equipment which contains advanced locating technologies optimised for the challenges of locating a particular buried utility.  

Accurately locating and marking buried assets ensures minimum downtime during repair or maintenance activities. It also prevents damage which can be costly. Our equipment offers the power of Radiodetections most advanced locating technologies, optimized for industry specificity.


LP Pipe and Civil Underground Location Service technicians’ exceptional precision instils you with confidence that your underground assets and plans are detected and conveyed with accuracy.

  • NDD- Non Destructive Digging to physically identify underground services 

  • GPR- Ground Penetrating Radar 

  • Utility Mapping and Locating

  • CCTV Pipe Installation 


Dig with confidence and call one our certified professionals today 


Our values target innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of upcoming, present and future projects . We pride ourselves on the fact that our teammates, employees, contractors and all stakeholders return home safe after each days work. 


Our mission is to provide a quality product to clients while ensuring our team meets the highest Health and Safety standard. 

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